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Welcome to the Zen Planner Family!

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Staff App

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 Make sure staff members are aware of this helpful App. 

Android or iOS phone. 

For more information on the Staff App, click here.

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Where do I log in?

Great question, you log into Zen Planner using Studio.

After Onboarding, who can I call for help? 

Our highly rated team of Customer Advocates are available to answer questions: 

  • By Phone: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm MST (866-541-3570)
  • By Email: Anytime at 

I want to refer Zen Planner to my friends. Do you have a Referral Program?  

Yes, refer a friend here. When anyone you refer becomes a customer, you'll each get $100.

Recent News

Zen Planner now offers Integrated Websites!