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Grow Your Fitness Business with a Winning Marketing Combination


Zen Planner and SWETI Services have teamed up to take fitness businesses to the next level. Our comprehensive Zen Planner Suite features member management software, staff and member apps, retention tools, integrated marketing with conversion-driven websites and much more. 

Key Benefits of Zen Planner:

  • Easy to Use: Intuitive features make sense from the start.
  • Saves Time: Our clients report spending 10 to 20% less time on business tasks with Zen Planner.
  • Drive Leads: Get more leads with Integrated Websites and advanced marketing capabilities.

SWETI Services and Zen Planner help you do more:
If you’re looking for end-to-end marketing, lead generation, and member management, pair your existing SWETI Services marketing solutions with Zen Planner. SWETI will optimize and help you promote your Integrated Website, develop branded, automated email marketing campaigns and create engaging social media content to send more prospective members to your business. With SWETI and Zen Planner, you’ll spend less time on marketing and administrative tasks and more time getting back to what you love.