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Curriculum in Member App

Members can now view skills videos in the Member App.

Add YouTube or Vimeo links to your rank skills and your members will be able to view them on the Member App.


To find out more about adding videos to your skills, click here.

Attendance History - Member App

Members can now see their attendance history in the Member App.

We want your members to feel proud of their efforts. That's why we've released the ability to view attendance history in the Member App.

Attendance History on Phone

The Member App now:

  • Shows attendances for the week and month
  • Tracks attendances toward ranks for martial arts schools
  • Displays the specific classes they attended over the last 60 days

Learn more here.

Member Password Enhancements

Member App passwords are less restrictive.

Your members can now easily create passwords less often. Password creation is less restrictive and a strength indicator lets them know when their password is good enough, allowing for easy account creation.


Appointment-Based Pay Rates

Create pay rates as unique as your business.

Whether you pay your instructors per session or for a percentage of an appointment-based membership, you can now add those types of pay rates to your pay roll.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 2.43.04 PM

Find out more about these pay rates here.

Hide Inactive Memberships

Organize your membership options even better.

Getting rid of membership options that are no longer available for signup has never been easier. Now you can hide options from years past and pull them up from a drop down menu when necessary.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 1.59.26 PM

Membership options will be hidden:

  • On the Membership Options page
  • When you're signing up a new member

Manage Daily Tasks Efficiently with Zen Planner's Front Desk

Staff Members can do it all from one screen.
Without getting logged out.

Manage check-ins, retail, add people and memberships from one easy-to-use screen. And never get logged out. Introducing Front Desk.



We are streamlining our staff-facing interfaces for ease of use and easy functionality. Using Zen Planner's Front Desk do it all from one screen. 

Introducing Gift Cards

No more workarounds or moving money. Gift Cards are here.

Build the settings for your gift card in your retail store in studio and begin selling them today. Read how here or watch the video below. 


Send Automations Based on Hour Criteria

Send the message you'd like to send when you want to - down to the hour.

Do prospects or members consistently forget their appointments? Would you like to send them a reminder one hour before their class begins? Or two?

Now you can.

  • Adjust existing attendance automations to send out down to the hour of when you'd like a text or email sent.
  • Create new automations and set when they should be sent out.

If you have questions on setting this up, please reach out to us!

Buy and Sell Memberships from your Phone

Membership sign-up just got easier.

We have increased the functionality on both the Zen Planner Staff App and the Member App to include membership sales. Now, staff members and gym members can add memberships to their profile and pay for them on their mobile device (Staff App and Member App) and a tablet (Staff App).


Staff App.png

From a mobile device, both Staff and Members can:

  • Manage easy and fast enrollment
  • Immediately run membership payments (auto-pay available on Staff App!)
  • Sign member contracts immediately after membership purchase in App

New Lead Capture Widget

Gather, track and manage new leads your way

Introducing our first Widget: our New Lead Capture Widget. Customize this new lead form and simply embed it into your website (by copying the provided code and pasting it into your website). 

Use this form to attract new leads and track them into your database. Using the New Prospect Funnel, transform those prospects into members.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.48.41 PM-1.png


  • Simple to set up
  • Beautiful!
  • Customizable to match your website and brand
  • Embeddable on any website or Facebook page

Learn more here

Customize Payroll Report Dates

Edit your Bi-Monthly Pay Periods to Your Preferred Dates

Now, you can edit your Zen Planner payroll to match the pay periods that make most sense with your business.  

midpoint picker-1.png

Find this feature in Setup > Staff > Payroll Reports.

Add an Account Balance

Introducing positive balance in Studio and Staff App

A member gives you $20 for a $4 water bottle. Instead of dealing with change, easily add the extra payment to their account for them to spend on future bills.

Adding an Account Balance can be done in three platforms:

  • Studio on the "Financial" screen of a person's profile
  • Studio in Retail
  • Staff App for Offline Payments

Check out these resources for more info:
How to Add an Account Balance
How to Account for Account Balances in Financial Reporting
How to Use an Account Balance

Stay tuned here and look for the orange banner in studio to see some exciting news about account balances.

New Prospect Funnel

Generate more leads and managae their status easily using our new Prospect Funnel.

This funnel has helped several gyms and schools increase membership sales by 200%. We can't guarantee the 200% to everyone, but the prospect funnel will work to generate more, and better quality prospects. 

Here is what you need to know:

If you're a new customer as of 2/8/17, these tools have have been customized for you in your Zen Planner Database. Call us to make sure everything is synced for you!

If you signed up with Zen Planner before 2/8/17, you have the tools available, you will just need to sync them together with your custom fields.

Here's a video guiding Prospect Funnel Setup.

Below are help documents to guide you. 

Log Scores in the Member App

Download the Member App on your 

Android or iOS phone. 

For more information on the Member App, click here.